Category C,D,E - Online course

Here, you sign up for the mailing list of the course for increased driving licences at Ekill Driving School.
Courses are taught through the ZOOM teleconferencing software; for students to participate, they must have a webcam turned on and be able to communicate with teachers and other students. 80% attendance at the teleconferences and participation in classes is required.
The course is always taught in Icelandic; however our translator will be happy to translate the course for you and give you a fair price for the service. Please contact Mr.Snarski at for further information. 

At the bottom of this document, please indicate which licence categories you wish to take.

The advertised course is subject to the minimum number of participants being reached, all participants will be notified well in advance.
Even if no course has been advertised, it is important to register and express your interest.

The price list can be found here, remember to check your right to a scholarship with your union. 
By confirming your registration, you give Ekil Ökuskóli permission to store the personal information you provide. See more about the storage of personal information in Ekill Ökuskóli's privacy policy.
Legal responsibility of students in the practical exam: In practical teaching, a driving instructor is considered as the legal driver of the car according to national laws and for insurance purposes. In a practical driving test, the examinee is considered as the driver and is therefore legally responsible for the vehicle accordingly.



Please insert an Icelandic phone number

Due to privacy laws, Ekill Ökuskóli needs the unanimous permission of all participants to be able to record the course so that students can review it for further clarification. See more under Námið -> Meirapróf – fjarfundur

C1: Vehicles up to 7,500 kg. "goods vehicles" / C: Heavy Goods Vehicles, student also gets a C1 licence. / D1: Bus up to 16 passengers. / D: Bus, student also gets a D1 Licence. / BFF Taxi / C1E, D1E, CE, DE: Trailers